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26 July – 30 August

The Lithuanian soprano Asmik Grigorian had already débuted at the Salzburg Festival as Marie (Wozzeck) in 2017 and captivated the public with her authentic interpretation.

In 2018, this was followed up by her great triumph in Romeo Castellucci’s literally breathtaking production of Richard Strauss’s Salome, with an impressive musical interpretation by Franz Welser-Möst. For the first time ever, the Felsen­reitschule/Summer Riding School arcades were blocked; the unbroken stones seemed to speak. ‘Grey stone, grey men, black shadows press the biblical princess and her unquenchable lust and longing into a tormenting prison […] Romeo Castellucci places his title heroine in front of a blend of Wailing Wall and place of execution, right from the beginning creating an effective contrast with the innocent whiteness of her dress. Overwhelming images’1.

Ulrich Rasche’s The Persians also impressed with strong images. A huge turntable was installed on the Landestheater/State Theatre stage; here the cast and chorus declaimed Aeschylus’s verses in incomparably powerful rhythms.

1 Ein Orkan der Sinne, in: Der Spiegel, 29 July 2018,