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In the Audience: The Best

‘An artwork is an organized dream,’ according to the Hungarian author György Konrad. The Salzburg Festival is such a complex and organized dream, which has been fulfilled every year for more than 100 years.

The Salzburg Festival successfully celebrated its centenary in 2020, extending the celebrations – due to the pandemic – into 2021, a year in which it presented 163 performances within 46 days at 16 venues, attracting visitors from 71 nations.

A memorandum on the centenary notes: ‘The Salzburg Festival considers itself an international festival: international in its programming and due to the participating artists and visitors from all over the world.’

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For not only on stage, but also in the auditorium, the best must be assembled — if the perfect miracle of which theatre is capable on happy evenings is to ensue.“ — It is impossible to describe the role of our audience for the success of the Salzburg Festival more precisely than its founding father, Max Reinhardt.