Dear Media Representatives,

We are delighted that the Salzburg Festival can take place this year, and look forward to your visit.

The special situation of the coronavirus pandemic forces all of us to adopt new rules, which we would hereby like to point out to you:

1. No request for press tickets will be considered complete unless it includes the name of the publication and editor commissioning the review or feature.

2. The number of press tickets in all genres has been drastically reduced. We highly recommend taking look at the great variety of the concert programme.

3. A maximum of one journalist can be accredited per medium and per performance series / production.

4. Contact tracing prohibits passing on your press ticket within your medium. All tickets will be personalized.

5. Unfortunately, requests for additional (purchased) tickets cannot be considered.

6. Accredited journalists will receive their press tickets at the Media Centre = the 2020 Press Office (access via Furtwänglerpark). You must wear a face mask to enter the office space of the Media Centre.

7. The Press Terrace can be accessed and used for interviews, moderated events and press conversations by appointment only. The Press Office premises at Mönchsberg 1 are closed to the public.

8. Access to the Press Terrace will not be by the customary elevator. In order to ensure your safety, you will be accompanied to the Press Terrace with a larger elevator – by appointment only. You are free to use the outside staircase (Clemens-Holzmeister-Stiege) to climb Mönchsberg.

9. Please note that the Media Centre cannot offer workspaces for journalists this year.

10. Print and radio interviews with artists will be organized by us, preferably by email, phone or video conference. Please send your requests to

11. Interviews may take place on the Press Terrace (by appointment only) or outside the performance venues of the 2020 Salzburg Festival.

12. Press conversations will be organized from the end of June onwards and will be followed by a press text you may use free of charge, and by a podcasts which all radio stations may use free of charge. These can be found on our website at

13. The Salzburg Festival centenary will last from the beginning of August 2020 to 31 August 2021.

14. The comprehensive anniversary exhibition “Great World Theatre” at the Salzburg Museum will be open for the duration. The press contact at the Salzburg Museum is Natalie Fuchs:

15. We also recommend the self-guided tour “Dreaming of a Fairies’ Temple. Artistic Interventions Regarding Festival Theatres Never Built”, which will take you from Hellbrunn Palace to Kapuzinerberg, Mirabellgarten and Mönchsberg.

By adhering to the rules and regulations, we want to enable you, the artists and all Festival staff to enjoy this summer in good health and safely.

Kind regards,
Ulla Kalchmair, Kathrin Pichler and Alexander Kozian

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30. July 2020
TerraceTalk Elektra

download mp3
  • TerraceTalk Elektra
    30. July 2020.
  • TerraceTalk Idomeneo
    20. July 2019.


7. July 2020
The Centenary Poster Series of the Salzburg Festival Video (short version)
Margarethe Lasinger, Head of Dramaturgy and Publications, presents an insight into the poster series for the centenary of the Salzburg Festival
17. June 2020
100 years of Salzburg Festival
2. August 2019
Idomeneo Trailer
In this opera, the super-natural element is in fact the natural world: the god Neptune and the sea he embodies as an ancestral force for both healing and destruction inundates the human race with questions of moral reckoning. It is the angry oceans who respond to human violations of a larger, cosmic code. This overwhelming masterpiece by the impatient and supremely gifted young Mozart raises urgent questions related to climate change and its impact on oceans and populations.
5. August 2019
Médée Trailer
Simon Stone, whose production of Aribert Reimann’s Lear was a highlight of the 2017 Salzburg Festival, will explore in a decidedly contemporary context how it is possible for Medea to act as she does. How does it come to that deed — carried out in anything but a rampage — that in the breaking of an ultimate taboo constitutes the egregious offence of this figure: the killing of her own children?
10. June 2019
Orphée aux enfers Trailer
With Orphée aux enfers (Orpheus in the Underworld, 1858) Jacques Offenbach turned the myth of "Orpheus and Eurydice" on its head. Barrie Kosky makes his debut at the Salzburg Festival with this "opéra-buffon". Learn more in the video!
3. August 2019
Alcina Trailer
Take a look at this enchanting glimpse of the production Alcina!
5. September 2019
Simon Boccanegra Trailer
Andreas Kriegenburg stages Giuseppe Verdi's opera Simon Boccanegra at the Salzburg Festival this year. The opera is perhaps Verdi's most personal, and certainly his darkest work, in which family and political conflicts clash inexorably.
14. August 2019
Œdipe Trailer
For his Œdipe George Enescu created a grandiose musical cosmos, which at its time — the mid-1920s — while it could hardly be called avant garde, was in fact innovative. Although it is scored for large forces including many special instruments, the singing voices are not overwhelmed.
29. August 2019
Salome Trailer
The audience and media agreed in 2018 that Richard Strauss' Salome was an overwhelming experience which would go down in the history of the Salzburg Festival. In 2019 the same cast has assembled for the revival - witness the incomparable Asmik Grigorian (Salome), John Daszak (Herod), Anna Maria Chiuri (Herodias), Gabor Bretz (Jochanaan) and Julian Prégardien (Narraboth).
8. July 2019
The Outraged
Two siblings have come to the town hall early in the morning. A bag containing their brother’s body lies between them. The two siblings, a sister and a brother, couldn’t be more different: one is the town’s mayor and the other a bohemian type who gets by with various odd jobs.
5. August 2019
Youth without God Trailer
Having recently staged Ödön von Horváth’s 1931 ‘folk play’ Italienische Nacht (Italian Night), Thomas Ostermeier now tackles a second text by the author from the 1930s, with his dramatization of the novel Jugend ohne Gott (Youth Without God), dealing with the collapse of democracy and civil society.
17. August 2019
Liliom Trailer
Director Kornél Mundruczó intends to approach the ‘suburban legend in seven scenes’, as the work is subtitled, from the end: Liliom is already dead and has been called to answer for his deeds at the last judgement. This involves looking back on a distant time when things were different.
26. August 2019
Summerfolk Trailer
Gorky’s Summerfolk demonstrates incredible potential for a future society based on contemplation. The intellectual clout of the people who gather together in the play is immense. They unravel their own existence with analytical precision and ask the right questions, but don’t act. Instead, they become entangled in the highly emotional world of their own thoughts.
9. June 2019
Salzburg Festival 2019
In 2019, we hope to kindle your interest and curiosity about the myths of antiquity! Experience moving productions, high-carat casts and the unique flair of Mozart's city. We invite you to join us in the summer of 2019!
The Centenary Poster Series of the Salzburg Festival Video (short version)
100 years of Salzburg Festival
Idomeneo Trailer
Médée Trailer
Orphée aux enfers Trailer
Alcina Trailer
Simon Boccanegra Trailer
Œdipe Trailer
Salome Trailer
The Outraged
Youth without God Trailer
Liliom Trailer
Summerfolk Trailer
Salzburg Festival 2019

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