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Salzburg Festival Whitsun 2024

Subscriptions for the Salzburg Festival Whitsun 2024 are now available. Single tickets go on sale on 23 January 2024.

All details about the Whitsun Festival from 17 to 20 May 2024 can be found in the programme.

At Whitsun 2024, Cecilia Bartoli, the Artistic Director of the Salzburg Whitsun Festival, presents a homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s oeuvre under the motto “Tutto Mozart”. She describes this year’s programme as follows:

“To think about the amount of marvellous music Mozart created in an unbelievably short space of time reduces us to awe and humble silence. He created a universe, a world of its own which gives us endless pleasure. It may surprise you that since taking on the position of artistic director at the Salzburg Whitsun Festival in 2012, I have never focussed on Mozart here. So I thought ‘wenn schon, denn schon’ (‘If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’), and decided to dedicate four exceptional days to my favourite composer, with humour and Mozartkugeln included. Because more than anything, I would like to transmit the joy of singing, performing and listening to Mozart’s music.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions about tickets or looking for a specific ticket information? Frequently asked questions are answered in our FAQ section.

Can I buy Salzburg Festival tickets as a Christmas present?
As ticket allocation for the summer does not start until the new year, we are unfortunately unable to confirm any tickets for Christmas. However, you have the opportunity to purchase vouchers at our ticket office or online.
Can I purchase a voucher for a specific performance?
No, you can only buy vouchers with individually definable values at the ticket office or online. However, these do not guarantee allocation to specific performances. Vouchers can be redeemed for all available tickets for the Salzburg Festival at Whitsun and in summer.
Is Jedermann performed on the Domplatz (Cathedral Square) irrespective of the weather?
Since Jedermann performances on Domplatz (Cathedral Square) are openair performances, a weather risk cannot be excluded. In the event of rain or an uncertain weather situation (e.g. heavy rain or thunderstorms), the performance may be moved to the Grosses Festspielhaus. After 60 minutes, the performance is considered to have been completed; if the performance is cancelled earlier, the admission fee will be refunded on a pro rata basis. Due to the differences between the venues Domplatz and the Grosses Festspielhaus, it is not possible to guarantee a side-by-side position in the event of a performance of the Jedermann in the Grosses Festspielhaus, or to vary the position in line and spatial positioning in relation to Domplatz.
Are there any cheap last-minute tickets available right before the start of a performance?
The Salzburg Festival offers no special last-minute discounts.
Are discounted tickets for children and teenagers available?
Discounted tickets for children and young people as well as young adults under the age of 27 (born after 30 June) are available for selected performances via Ticket Gretchen. Learn more.

If you have previously purchased youth tickets or you have shown your interest, we have your information on file and the information will be sent to you automatically. Otherwise, please send us your details (name, address, e-mail, date of birth) to  info@salzburgfestival.at

In addition, as a member of "Young Friends" you have the opportunity to purchase tickets for selected performances at reduced prices: Young Friends of the Salzburg Festival

Is there a discount for holders of the ‘Kulturpass’?
The Salzburg Festival offers holders of the 'Kulturpass' the opportunity to attend selected dress rehearsals. Detailed information can be found at www.hungeraufkunstundkultur.at    
What information is important to me as a wheelchair user?
All of our venues are equipped with places for wheelchair users as well as one accompanying person. When ordering your ticket, please indicate your request for a wheelchair place as well as whether or not you require a seat for an accompanying person in your immediate vicinity. For detailed information on all wheelchair spaces in the individual venues, please visit www.salzburgerfestspiele.at/en/accessibility  
Will I get a refund if there is a change in the cast of a performance?
Changes in the cast and programme as well as changes in the beginning times do not entitle the holder to return the tickets. If there are any changes, the Salzburg Festival will do its utmost to inform ticket purchasers as far as is reasonably possible. However, it is your responsibility to inform yourself about any changes. You will find the most up-to-date information on our website www.salzburgerfestspiele.at
Will I get a refund if a performance is cancelled?
In the event of a performance cancellation, the customer will only be refunded the ticket price. After two-thirds of the planned duration, the performance is considered to have been completed. In case the performance is broken off earlier the refund is made proportionately. Further claims of the customer are excluded if the Salzburg Festival is not responsible for the reason for the cancellation of the event. The claim for the ticket refund must be stated within 3 months of the date of the cancelled performance. After that any claim expires.
What do I need to know about the placement at the venues?
Seats are allocated in accordance with the legal framework. The allocated seats must be strictly adhered to. However, the Salzburg Festival reserves the right to provide seats within the same category other than those listed on the ticket for organisational reasons. Instructions of the hall staff must also be followed.
Detailed information on the venues can be found at www.salzburgfestival.at/en/venues
Unauthorized providers and ticket vendors in front of the venues
The purchase for commercial or trade resale, as well as the transfer of tickets is prohibited without the prior consent of the Salzburg Festival. Even in the case of consent, point 4 applies. Furthermore, it is not permitted to offer tickets to the public via Internet auctions and marketplaces as well as on radio, in the press or in any other way. The Salzburg Festival reserves the right to refuse to allow persons who violate this prohibition to purchase tickets in the future and to block existing tickets without replacement.
How and when can I order tickets for the summer?
As soon as the programme for the Salzburg Festival is published, orders can be placed in writing on the website, by email to info@salzburgfestival.at or in person at the Salzburg Festival ticket office.
How and when will I find out about the outcome of my order?
You will receive notification by e-mail or letter of the extent to which your order has been processed as requested by spring at the latest. Direct sales will then start.
Can I edit or cancel my order?
Orders can be edited or cancelled up to the deadline (the exact date will be announced in the programme). After this date they are binding. You can make changes by e-mailing info@salzburgfestival.at or online. Instructions for online orders can be found here.
How are tickets allocated?
As soon as the programme for the Salzburg Festival is published, orders can be placed in writing. Orders will then be collected until the deadline (the date will be announced in the programme). All orders received by the deadline will be treated equally. Orders from club members, sponsors, association members and subscribers are prioritised and are linked to the current membership status. You will receive notification of the extent to which your order has been processed as requested in the spring at the latest.
Will the time I submitted my application affect my chances of a successful ticket allocation?
Orders are requested by the deadline (the exact date will be announced in the programme). All orders arriving at the latest by the deadline will be handled equally, irrespective of when they arrive. Orders received after the deadline will only be processed after all orders placed before the deadline have been filled.
What to do if my ticket order was not successful?
Ticket availability is subject to a dynamic process and can therefore change constantly. For sold-out performances, we offer our customers the opportunity to return their already purchased tickets to the ticket office for a commissioned resale. These commission tickets are immediately up for sale. Please inform yourself about our current ticket offers.
When can I buy tickets directly?
Once orders have been processed, direct sales will begin in the spring. The exact date will be announced in the programme.
Do I have to purchase tickets in a package?
No. All tickets can be ordered individually and purchased depending on availability. However, you have the option of purchasing thematic and chronological subscriptions for both the Summer and Whitsun Festivals depending on availability.
How do I receive my tickets?
E-tickets will be delivered free of charge by e-mail link or online at My Festival. Printed tickets will be sent in any case by registered mail for a fee (in the case of sponsors, after receipt of payment of the sponsorship fee). The fee for printed tickets per invoice is € 6.– for Austria, € 7.– for Germany and € 12.– for other countries. From four weeks before the first performance booked, there is only the possibility to pick up the printed tickets on site or to book them as an e-ticket.
Are there print@home- / e-tickets?
Yes. E-tickets will be delivered free of charge by e-mail link or online at My Festival. From four weeks before the first performance booked, there is only the possibility to pick up the printed tickets on site or to book them as an e-ticket. Click here for instructions on E-tickets and their personalization.
Why are tickets personalized?
Tickets for the Salzburg Festival must be personalized without exception for the ticket purchaser’s own protection and to prevent unauthorized distribution. The name of the respective visitor is printed on the tickets. Only the person named on the ticket (including accompanying person(s) up to a defined maximum number – provided the group passes the admission controls together) is entitled to admission to the event after presenting a photo ID without being asked. A re-personalization of tickets is possible online at any time. Printed tickets can be re-personalized for a fee of € 5.– (association members € 3.–, patrons free) directly through the ticket office of the Salzburg Festival.
My tickets did not arrive in the mail.
Please contact the ticket office. Contact
I lost my tickets.
Printed replacement tickets can only be requested in writing upon presentation of the invoice and photo identification for a processing fee of € 5.- per ticket (club members € 3.-, sponsors free of charge). This reprint serves only as a duplicate. The original ticket is no longer valid.
Can I return or change my booked tickets?
Ticket orders and purchases are binding in any form. Optional ticket reservations are unfortunately not possible, nor is the return or exchange of purchased or ordered tickets. Ticket returns are only possible for sold out performances for resale on commission; a 15 % commission fee (club members 10 %, sponsors free of charge) applies. The Salzburg Festival does not guarantee the resale of returned tickets.
If the necessary bank details are available, any return transfers will be made from the day after the respective performance date (in the case of several performances, after the day of the last performance for which tickets have been accepted for resale on commission).
It is the customer’s responsibility to check the information on his/her tickets immediately after receipt. In the event of any errors, the ticket office must be contacted immediately.

Salzburg Festival 2023

Today, the 103rd Salzburg Festival draws to a close. After 178 performances spread over 43 days at 15 venues, the Directorate of the Salzburg Festival, Kristina Hammer, Markus Hinterhäuser and Lukas Crepaz, is delighted to report that the 2023 season was an extraordinarily successful one.

The record quota of 98.5% of seats filled constitutes an outstanding, successful result. More than 241,000 visitors from 79 nations, 40 non-European nations among them, attended this year’s programme. In addition, 40,000 guests watched 49 screenings of the Siemens Festival>Nights on Salzburg’s Kapitelplatz. More than 11,000 free tickets were distributed for the two-day Festival Opening Party alone.

The opera programme included 34 performances of five staged and three concert productions, in addition to 86 concerts. 14 of these formed part of the series Ouverture spirituelle, inscribed with the motto “Lux aeterna” this year.

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