Antony Gormley, Extension, 1986, charcoal and varnish on paper, 28 x 38 cm, © the artist
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UNIQA · Würth-Gruppe · Raiffeisen Salzburg

About the Production

Ping Pong

‘If you want to join our group, the others say you have to do something crazy!’ Esra would like to hang out with the girls from the other class in her year. But doing something crazy — does she even want to do that? And what could she do? Looking for a chance to prove herself, she eyes Vlad at the ping-pong table. He is waiting alone and listening to music. When Esra sees his new headphones, she realizes what would be totally crazy…
In this musical and theatrical show featuring singing, guitar, saxophone and percussion, a volley of insecurities, taunts and common interests fly around the table in a musical quickfire game of table tennis.


for children from 10 years

Ping Pong will be offered as a mobile production in March, April and May for classes in Salzburg-based schools and at cultural centres in the province of


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