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About the Production

Das Kind und die Zauberdinge

A pile of homework sends the child into a sulk: it would be more fun to play! Mother gets angry and an argument breaks out. The child is grounded, and after much door slamming and a temper tantrum sinks exhausted into a chair. Imagine the surprise when it magically casts the child aside! What to do when the chair and armchair suddenly team up and the smashed grandfather clock races? How do you comfort a cup and teapot that lament their broken handles? How can a storybook princess be saved from the evil wizard when the book’s pages are torn?
What happens when you can no longer find your way around your own garden? And how do you put an end to this commotion? Luckily, there is a magic word…


for children from 6 years

The introductory workshop Wir spielen Oper! will take place before the performances.

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