Opera, concert and drama – the beginning of each production is an idea – conceived by artists from all over the world. Since such ideas unfortunately come at a price, we need your financial support. Thus, our employees in our workshops can make artistic dreams come true. Manifold ways of cooperation and individual solutions – the sponsorship programme offers the opportunity to address target groups effectively. The Salzburg Festival stands for the highest quality, making it an ideal premium partner.
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Main Sponsors

Creativity and competitive edge are what drives both the Salzburg Festival and Audi. The collaboration began in 1994 with a guest appearance in Ingolstadt that caused an immediate sensation and remains an essential element of the partnership to this day. Since 1995 AUDI AG is a main sponsor of the Salzburg Festival to support the festival’s work in staging world-class artistic performances. Audi also provides the festival’s fleet of cars that take artists to rehearsals and performances. Additionally, about 2,500 guests use Audi’s shuttle service every year during the festival, which has already consisted of fully electric models since 2020.

“Audi Night” was launched in 2006 – a social calendar highlight during the festival that attracts customers from around the world to Salzburg, where a unique flair and a superb cultural experience await them.

Our creative drive and innovative ideas are what enable us to master the complex challenges of the future. Customers and employees alike therefore prize the creative exchange of ideas that Audi offers throughout the year with its commitment to the arts as part of Audi ArtExperience. The partnership with the Salzburg Festival is one of the extraordinary and enduring projects that make up this commitment. It also demonstrates that Audi is a reliable and competent partner to the arts – at a global and regional level.

Audi, main sponsor since 1995, hosts one festival performance each season in Ingolstadt. Providing a shuttle service with fully electrified models Audi contributes to a more sustainable festival.

Siemens and the Salzburg Festival unite a long tradition: Since 1995, Siemens has been supporting the Salzburg Festival as a Project Sponsor, and since 1999 as a Main Sponsor. Starting in 2002 the “Siemens Festival>Nights” take place every year at the same time as the festival. Every year, the free open-air events attract up to 70,000 visitors to Salzburg’s historic city centre.

The Salzburg Festival, with its outstanding reputation and Siemens, one of the world’s leading high-tech companies, have much in common. Both place particular emphasis on the combination of tradition and innovation, continuity and creativity.

With this sponsoring engagement, Siemens consciously takes on cultural and social responsibility without ever interfering with artistic decisions. Patricia Neumann, CEO Siemens Austria: “As part of our sponsoring activities, we try to develop our own cultural initiatives, thus aiming for real support for the arts, not just ‘giving away money.’ We wish to develop our own cultural projects, with a focus on technology as a transfer medium, and on supporting art that is to be made accessible to a broad public, especially to young people.”

This has motivated Siemens to present the “Siemens Festival>Nights” in Salzburg’s historic town since 2002 and the “Siemens Children’s>Program” since 2008. Every summer, Festival productions are shown free of charge as open-air broadcasts on a large-scale LED wall. Diverse culinary offerings as well as the incomparable ambiance of the Kapitelplatz, with its view of the castle Hohensalzburg, make the Siemens Festival>Nights a wonderful overall experience – record attendance numbers of 70,000 visitors per year underline the quality of the events and make them a fixed part of the Salzburg Festival summer.

Siemens, main sponsor of the Salzburg Festival since 1999, enables us to open the Festival to a broader audience with the Siemens Festival Nights on Kapitelplatz.

The Kühne family established the non-profit Kühne Foundation based in Schindellegi, Switzerland, in 1976. As main shareholder of the Kühne + Nagel Group, the Foundation’s president, Prof. Dr. h.c. Klaus-Michael Kühne, takes on social responsibility personally.

Key priority of the Kühne Foundation is the support for training, further education as well as research and science in the area of logistics and supply chain management. Supporting a wide range of programmes, including activities in the field of Humanitarian Logistics, reflects the Foundation’s conviction that logistics and logistics expertise significantly support the economic and social development of countries.

Another focal point is the Kühne Foundation’s funding of medical projects. At its Medicine Campus in Davos, Switzerland, the Kühne Foundations supports two large and relevant research programmes in the fields of allergology and cardiology. In addition, the Kühne Foundation owns and operates the Hochgebirgsklinik, a renowned rehabilitation hospital in Switzerland.

In the new focus area of climate the Foundation is developing projects that contribute to a green transformation that is equally efficient, growth-promoting and globally responsible.

In the area of cultural funding, the Kühne Foundation primarily supports outstanding classical music projects in collaboration with renowned opera houses and concert halls. Salzburg Festival created with the Young Singers Project, a world-class platform for the promotion of young international singers in 2008. Since 2013, the Kühne Foundation has dedicated itself to this project, which is a model of its kind internationally, offering young singers the opportunity to work with Festival artists and gain international attention.

As of 2019, the Kühne Foundation has become a main sponsor of the Salzburg Festival and will continue to support the Young Singers Project.

Since 2019, the Kühne Foundation has been main sponsor of the Salzburg Festival and has been supporting the Young Singers Project, a high-powered platform for the promotion of young singers, since 2013.

The spirit of change and responsibility for our environment drive BWT and the Salzburg Festival. As the proud main sponsor, BWT – Europe’s market leader in water treatment – is transforming the Salzburg Festival into an oasis of enjoyment. The company turns water enjoyment into an art form and has thus succeeded in making the Festival free of disposable plastic bottles.

With its headquarters in Mondsee and over 5.500 employees worldwide, BWT has a clear mission: to make the world a little better every day, sip by sip! Using patented technologies, local water is filtered and mineralized – with valuable minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc and silicates. As a result, guests, artists, and employees of the Salzburg Festival enjoy healthy, locally mineralized BWT water and at the same time avoid the production and transport of disposable plastic and glass bottles. Plastic waste and CO2 emissions are reduced.

For over 30 years, BWT has been setting new standards with sustainable technologies and innovative economically and ecologically optimized water treatment products for private households, hotels, restaurants, businesses, industry, and municipalities. BWT is a guarantor of safety, hygiene, and health in the daily use of H2O, the elixir of life for us all. As a partner of the Salzburg Festival, we are proud to use our technologies and commitments for a better tomorrow.

“The Salzburg Festival is a source of inspiration and cultural excellence. As BWT, we are honoured to offer our contribution and motivate all visitors to take responsibility for our Planet Blue. Every sip of our BWT Mineralized Water is not only a treat for the senses, but also a conscious step towards sustainability. Together we are shaping a future in which every sip of BWT water makes a difference,” says Andreas Weissenbacher, founder of BWT.

Innovative main sponsor BWT makes the Salzburg Festival disposable plastic-free with the best, locally mineralized water and brings the new water-drinking lifestyle on and backstage.

Rolex is recognized the world over for its expertise and the quality of its products – symbols of excellence, elegance and prestige. The pursuit of excellence underpins every aspect of the brand’s activities including its choice of sponsorships.

For more than a half a century, Rolex has partnered some of the world’s most talented artists and leading cultural institutions to help perpetuate artistic heritage.

Through the Rolex Perpetual Arts Initiative, a broad portfolio of arts that extends through music, architecture, cinema and the Rolex mentoring programme, the brand confirms its long-term commitment to global culture.

In all these endeavours, Rolex supports artistic excellence and is helping to pass knowledge to future generations.

Over the years, Rolex’s commitment to the arts has grown to include many leading artists, prestigious institutions and festivals. They include Italian mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli, French tenor Benjamin Bernheim, Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel, Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez, German tenor Jonas Kaufmann and Bulgarian soprano Sonya Yoncheva.

Rolex also supports the foremost cultural institutions from around the world, such as the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, London’s Royal Opera House, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Opéra national de Paris, the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing and the Vienna Philharmonic.

In 2012, the brand was delighted to include the acclaimed Salzburg Festival among its partnerships and became Exclusive Sponsor of the Whitsun Festival, directed by Cecilia Bartoli.

Rolex is increasingly active in the arts and is making a unique and lasting contribution to culture around the world.

Rolex’s commitment to the Salzburg Festival as Main Sponsor is part of its wide-ranging Perpetual Arts Initiative. The brand is also delighted to be Exclusive Sponsor of the Whitsun Festival.

Project Sponsors

Preserving Cultural Monuments, Awakening Enthusiasm for Art

UNIQA and art and culture have belonged together for many years. As the biggest art insurer in Central Europe, we are leading in preserving high-quality cultural monuments and experienced in supporting excellent cultural events. With great enthusiasm we accept the social responsibility of not only preserving our cultural heritage for future generations, but also providing cultural education. That is why we support the Salzburg Festival’s children’s and youth programme. As a partner, we encourage young artists to go their own way. With selected musical theatre productions, we wish to awaken a young audience’s enthusiasm for the arts, embedding the support for younger generations in the Festival’s long-range programming. Opera Camps, reduced-price youth tickets, student projects and age-appropriate introductory events inspire the enjoyment of music, keeping it alive for the future.

UNIQA and art and culture have belonged together for many years. This year UNIQA supports the programme for children and youths.

Those who invest in culture also invest in the community. The creative arts sector is a force for economic growth in our region. Enabling and promoting culture is therefore not only a public and a political task, but also part of the Raiffeisen philosophy.

Great results require solid foundations: That’s why Raiffeisen supports the jung und jede*r youth programme, which provides everyone in all Salzburg regions – particularly young people – with a diverse programme. It is essential that children and young people have easy access to art and culture early on in their lives, as this plays a big part in shaping their personalities. It is also important for ensuring that our cultural legacy has a future. We want to help preserve this legacy and stimulate understanding and enthusiasm among those who will play a part in shaping its future: today’s children and adolescents.

We are a proud partner of the Salzburg Festival and pleased to support such a diverse programme of concerts, operas and plays for young people. We also see this as an expression of solidarity with our country and its people.

All of Raiffeisen Salzburg’s cultural engagements have one thing in common: to make art accessible to as many citizens of Salzburg as possible.

The Würth Group is the global market leader in the development, production and sale of fastening and assembly materials. The Würth Group is operating worldwide and currently consists of more than 400 companies with 2,500 pick-up shops in over 80 countries. The fields of expertise cover fastening technology, screws, anchors, chemicals, power tools and systems.

The corporate culture is shaped by values such as openness, appreciation, respect, curiosity and responsibility, but also humility and modesty. The family-owned business acts on a long-term basis and considers not only economic but also environmental and social aspects when making decisions –being carbon neutral and operating in a circular way are focus issues.

The Würth Group and the Würth Foundation contribute to a vibrant cultural landscape and the people’s social welfare. Taking social responsibility is deeply enshrined in the corporate culture. For Reinhold Würth “art and culture are an enormous link between the social areas”.

Art and culture as an enormous link between the social areas – the Würth Group is committed to a lively cultural landscape.

Product Sponsors


Kia Ora Foundation was founded in 1997, with a primary goal to enable post-graduate study in musical performance. In addition to the Scholarships, the Foundation funds special projects, which support activities involving artists from the Southern Hemisphere, particularly artists from New Zealand. Such projects range internationally regarding appearing in musical performance or in undertaking further academic study.

Kia Ora Foundation was founded in 1997, with a primary goal to enable post-graduate study in musical performance for students who have completed a primary degree in music studies.

Media Partners

UNITEL is the exclusive audiovisual production partner of the Salzburg Festival.