Antony Gormley, Untitled, 1983, black pigment, linseed oil and charcoal on paper, 83.8 × 59.7 cm, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA, © the artist
About the series

Mozart Matinees

The participation of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg at the Festival has a long history: as early as 1921, members of the Mozarteum Orchestra gave the first orchestral concerts together with members of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra. Since 1949 it has performed the Mozart Matinees initiated by Bernhard Paumgartner. In 2023, Ivor Bolton, Roberto González-Monjas, Jörg Widmann, Ádám Fischer and Antonello Manacorda will take over the direction of the Mozarteum Orchestra at the Mozart Matinees.