Antony Gormley, Extension, 1986, charcoal and varnish on paper, 28 x 38 cm, © the artist
Supported by

UNIQA · Würth-Gruppe · Raiffeisen Salzburg

About the Production


‘For my tenth birthday I’m having a big bash, wild party, a fun-filled fiesta!’ — Ever since Nono was a little boy, he has planned it all down to a tee: lemon meringue cake with Smarties, golden bunting, jeans without holes, a speech about the world, invitations for his guests…
But things suddenly take a different turn when the children are forced to stay indoors by ‘Maria Theresia’: a hurricane so fierce that it can flatten houses and suck in chihuahuas, prams and even trams. Will Nono have to cancel his fiesta? ‘No chance!’ The children are determined to go ahead and come up with a bold plan.


for children from 8 years

Fiesta will be offered as a mobile production in April and May for classes in Salzburg-based schools and at cultural centres in the province of

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