25 Aug 2023

Salzburg Festival Makers | Martin Kern

Our new series on “Salzburg Festival Makers” features the various faces behind the scenes of the Salzburg Festival.

As it happens, our Festival Maker Martin Kern came to the Salzburg Festival after studying architecture and started as a staff member in the video department. From the beginning, he was fascinated by the preoccupation with spaces and how media can be used in them.
He has now been the contact person for audiovisual media and head of the video department at the Salzburg Festival for 10 years.

While his team is very small in the months from September through June, the Festival season in the summer requires the help of more than 20 employees, who take care of video technology for the Festival productions or enthusiastically produce trailers and social media clips for the marketing department.

Watch the video to find out how much the familiar and creative atmosphere in the office means to him and what challenges the Festival has to offer.


25. August 2023
Salzburg Festival Makers | Martin Kern