3 Jul 2022

The 6 golden rules to experience the Salzburg Festival at a low price or for free

Did you know that about half of all Tickets at the Salzburg Festival is between € 5,- and € 105,-? 6 ways to get a low-cost Festival Experience!

Golden rule no. 1

Who seeks, finds.

Search for the right productions and you will find many cheap and available tickets. Use the filter option in our schedule according to price of the ticket.

Above the first calendar line you can open the filter “price” and select a price range. After that you will only be shown dates where tickets are available in the selected price range.

Golden rule no. 2

The secret list

All available tickets in one document? No Problem. With this PDF list you will find all available tickets in one document.

You will not only see the available dates of individual productions, but also which price categories are still available. You can easily print out the list and it will be updated in real time each time you call it up.

View list >

Golden rule no. 3

Experience drama - tickets under 60 €

Golden rule no. 4

Youth subscriptions: THE discount for young people under the age of 27

With youth subscriptions, children, teenagers and young adults under 27 (born after 30 June) can attend performances at up to 90% discount.  Around 6000 tickets from the opera, drama and concert sectors are available for this purpose. If a subscription is not an option, you can purchase single tickets for selected productions from EUR 10,-.

You can purchase all tickets conveniently via the Ticket Gretchen app >


Golden rule no. 5

Siemens Festival>Nights free of Charge

From July, Festival productions and audio presentations of concerts from previous years will be presented daily at Kapitelplatz.
Details available here shortly.

The Siemens Children’s>Festival, which we also organize for you and your family free of charge and during the same period, provides playful Access to culture. Live recordings of children’s operas, ballet and plays will be performed.

Golden rule no. 6

Reduced standing Places

If the general situation permits, reduced standing places can be offered. News will be posted on our website as well as our social media channels. You can book standing room online on the respective production pages, subject to availability.

Standing room for Jedermann performances will be released for sale on the day of the performance depending on the weather situation. You can purchase these online as well as by telephone or in the Salzburg Festival shop with a credit card.