Youth Tickets

Youth Tickets 2022

6000 tickets for young people! For operas, plays and concerts!

Whoever wants to be in the auditorium when the curtain rises and the first note sounds already has a seat reserved! Price reductions of up to 90% are available for young people up to the age of 27 — everyone born after 30 June 1995 is eligible.

From now on, you can purchase discounted tickets for the Whitsun Festival! Secure your tickets directly via Ticket Gretchen App.

The detailed programme of the Summer Festival can be found here. For selected productions, there will also be educational outreach for young audiences: in pre-performance introductions, young audience members can gain an insight into the work and production. Anyone who feels inspired, enthusiastic, perplexed or even shocked after the performance is invited to talk about it in a post-performance discussion with the artists, where experiences of the productions can be shared in an informal setting.

If you purchased youth tickets from us in the last seasonor have registered your interest in youth tickets, you are already part of our database and will automatically
receive further information. If this isn’t the case, please send us your contact details (name, address, e-mail, date of birth) to:


I am under 27 years old, how can I book tickets?
Youth tickets can only be purchased digitally and exclusively via the Ticket Gretchen App, because you get your ticket digitally directly to your mobile phone. Click on this link to register and confirm your age:
For which performances are youth tickets available?
There are highly discounted youth tickets available for all three categories: opera, drama and concerts. Use the Ticket Gretchen App to find an overview of all available performances.
What performances are especially for young people?
Please find an overview of productions for our young audience on this site: jung & jeder