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Tickets at reduced prices for everyone under 27 now available!


Get your tickets at reduced prices for the Salzburg Festival 2020 now via Ticket Gretchen App

6 reasons why you should not miss the Salzburg Festival 2020:

Loyalty test: If you finally want to know whether cheating can be forgiven, take a look at Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte

Never mess with Elektra: If you want to know why you should fear the revenge of this woman (Attention: harrowing soul drama with goose bump feeling)

Everywoman: If you would like to get a new, female perspective of the famous Everyman

Jedermann: If you want to experience for yourself why this play at Domplatz is always sold out

Zdeněk Adamec: If you want to see a world premiere of a Nobel Prize winner for literature

Simply the best: If you want to hear the best orchestras and musicians in the world

The fastest way to get your tickets is entirely digital and exclusively via the Ticket Gretchen App. This way, you can get your tickets directly to your mobile phone.

This requires registration and age validation via this link Ticket Gretchen.


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I am under 27 years old, how can I book tickets?
Youth tickets can only be purchased digitally and exclusively via the Ticket Gretchen App, because you get your ticket digitally directly to your mobile phone. Click on this link to register and confirm your age:
For which performances are youth tickets available?
For all three areas: opera, drama and concerts, there are highly discounted youth tickets. Watch extraordinary performances such as Zdeněk Adamec by Nobel Prize winner Peter Handke or the world premiere Everywoman by Milo Rau and Ursina Lardi. Listen in concerts to the best orchestras in the world and the greatest voices of our time. Go to the Mozart opera Così fan tutte or experience the compelling story of Elektra in Richard Strauss' opera of the same name. With fair-weather tickets, this year you even have the chance to see the famous Everyman at the Cathedral Square. But that's not it, in the Ticket Gretchen App you will find an overview of all available performances.
What performances are especially for young people?
Two productions especially for young people are on the programme this summer: Hau drauf! ( from the age of 14), a concert performance full of rhythms and sounds awaits you, which focuses on breathtaking musical virtuosity of movement. The music theatre 1000 Kraniche ( from the age of 10), a world premiere commissioned by the Salzburg Festival, was created according to the story by Sadako Sasaki: The Japanese gods fulfill a wish to everyone who folds 1000 Kraniche out of paper.