13 Jun 2024

Salzburg Festival Makers | Thomas Hertl

Our series on “Salzburg Festival Makers” features the various faces behind the scenes of the Salzburg Festival.

Do you know what the tasks of a decorating workshop are?

Thomas Hertl has been a festival maker since 1994 and has been in charge of the decorating workshop since 2010.
With a team of five people, he creates impressive backdrops and ensures that every production is unique. The department works with a wide variety of fabrics and creates curtains, carpets or pieces of furniture in the largest dimensions for the stage.

In the Großes Haus, for example, the walls can be around 10 metres high and the stage around 100 metres wide – in other words, huge areas which have to be covered.

The variety and the feeling of always having something different to do, as well as the team spirit, are the most important aspects of the work for him.

Find out what else interests him and see an example of the great work he and his department do in this video.


13. June 2024
Salzburg Festival Makers | Thomas Hertl