6 Jul 2023

Salzburg Festival Makers | Simone Monu

Our new series on “Salzburg Festival Makers” features the various faces behind the scenes of the Salzburg Festival.

From trainee in the costume department to head of the works council.

Since 1996, Simone Monu has been one of our Salzburg Festival Makers with a lot of heart and soul. At first only as a summer assistant, but then all through the year. The magic of the Festival has taken a hold of her.

As a team of 6 people, the works council supports all Festival employees as the mouthpiece of the staff in all matters. In her current position, Simone offers a sympathetic ear to all employees and works with her team to promote their interests. What she enjoys most, however, is being able to give something back to the employees.
You can find out what is meant by that in the long interview.


27. June 2023
Salzburg Festival Makers | Simone Monu