9 Jul 2024

Salzburg Festival Makers | Agnes Lötsch

Our series on “Salzburg Festival Makers” features the various faces behind the scenes of the Salzburg Festival.

Agnes Lötsch works in the concert office of the Salzburg Festival and is responsible for the preparation and realisation of the most impressive musical events. Her team plans around 80 to 90 concerts a year and ensures that every event is an unforgettable experience.

She appreciates the unique atmosphere and the team spirit of the festival organisers, who all have a great passion for their work. She finds the variety of concerts particularly exciting, ranging from small soloist performances to large choral and orchestral concerts. She is also fascinated by the smooth collaboration and the high degree of flexibility during the performances.

But what impresses her the most? Find out in the interview.


1. July 2024
Salzburg Festival Makers | Agnes Lötsch