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Julian: ‘I love you.’ — Lia: ‘I don’t love you.’ — Julian: ‘Why not?’ — Who do we fall in love with and why? What does love mean and how does it relate to time? How can you be sure that you love someone? How can the love between Julian’s parents fade? Lia and Julian are 11 and 12 years old and have known each other since kindergarten. They recall things and people they have loved: lemon ice cream, guinea pigs, chestnuts, their grandparents… Together and in continually switching roles, the two children circle around the big questions of love — breaking them down, shedding light and playing out scenarios.

Ich lieb dich will be offered as a mobile production in May for classes in Salzburg-based schools and at cultural centres in the province of Salzburg: click here for more.


for children from 10 years

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