2 Jun 2023

Salzburg Festival Makers | Philip Edwards

Our new series on “Salzburg Festival Makers” features the various faces behind the scenes of the Salzburg Festival.

Behind the unique theatre, concert and opera experience of the Salzburg Festival stands a hard-working team of employees. The audience service team is responsible for the smooth running of events in the audience area, for example for the visitors’ cloakrooms or access controls and ushering in the auditorium service.

Ensuring that performances start on time is just one of the many duties of our “Festspieler” Philip Edwards, Director of Audience Services. With a staff responsibility of 250 people and the supervision of 26 venues during the summer, as well as the coordination of tours through the houses of the Salzburg Festival, Philip is properly busy.

Find out in this interview what challenges he and his diverse team face every day and how he ended up working at the Festival as a trained biologist.


2. June 2023
Salzburg Festival Makers | Philip Edwards