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Der Schauspieldirektor

New production of the Salzburg Festival
Musical Arrangement by Henrik Albrecht based on motifs by Wolfgang A. Mozart and Antonio Salieri

Life for the impresario Frank is far from easy: he urgently needs money to stage his new play. The banker Eiler sees to the funding – but only on the condition that the impresario also engages Eiler’s girlfriend. After Frank finally has cast all the roles, the performers quarrel about money. It is only when he threatens to call off the premiere and with it the entire production that the cast is reminded of what’s really important: bringing the magic of the theatre to life! In the children’s opera at this year’s Salzburg Festival – Der Schauspieldirektor, featuring music by Mozart and Salieri – the young audience will be introduced to the world of theatre and its making of. This witty Singspiel shows very clearly that the difficulties of producing theatre have not changed that much since Mozart’s time. Moreover, Der Schauspieldirektor poses the fundamental question: why does theatre exist at all? 

Age: from ca. 6 upwards
Language: German
Duration: ca. 60 minutes
Admission € 36,-
Children & Youth € 21,-
Performance space: Main Auditorium of the University

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Supported by UNIQA