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Montblanc & Salzburg Festival Young Directors Project

YDP I • 1927 • The Animals and Children Took to the Streets

30, 31 July, 2 and 3
August at 08:00 pm

Co-produced by:
BAC London, Malthouse Theatre Melbourne & The Showroom (University of Chichester)

Suzanne Andrade, Stage Director and Text
Paul Barritt, Film, Animation and Design
Joanna Crowley, Production
Lillian Henley, Music
Sarah Munro, Esme Appleton, Costumes

with Suzanne Andrade, Esme Appleton, Lillian Henley

YDP II • Bastian Kraft • Jedermann

6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 August at 08:00 pm

New production
Co-production with Thalia Theater Hamburg

Bastian Kraft, Concept and Stage Director
Peter Baur, Sets and Video
Dagmar Bald, Costumes
Beate Heine, Dramaturgy

with Philipp Hochmair

YDP III • Mokhallad Rasem • Romeo und Julia

11, 12, 13 and 14 August at 08:00 pm

Guest performance of the Toneelhuis Antwerpen

Mokhallad Rasem, Concept and Stage Director
Jean Bernard Koeman, Sets and Costumes

with Gilda de Bal (Actress), Vic de Wachter (Actor), Eleanor Campell (Dancer), José Paulo dos Santos (Dancer) and two children

YDP IV • Jan Mikulášek • Der diskrete Charme der Bourgeoisie

19, 21, 22 and 23 August at 08:00 pm

Guest performance by Národné Divadlo Brno and Divadlo Reduta

Jan Mikulášek, Stage Director
Jan Mikulášek, Dora Viceníková, Adaption
Dora Viceníková, Dramaturgy
Marek Cpin,  Design and Costumes
Jan Mikulášek, Music Compilation

with Dita Kaplanová, Zuzana Ščerbová, Petra Bučková, Ondřej Mikulášek, Jiří Vyorálek, Jan Háyek, Petr Jeništa, Jiří Kniha und Jakub Gottwald






When Jürgen Flimm presented the fascinating idea of the Young Directors Project to us in 2002, we felt immediately that this special theater project was a great fit for us. The idea was to give young, international artists the unique chance to show their extraordinary work as stage directors at the Salzburg Festival. It is very hard to imagine the Salzburg Festival program without The Young Directors Project powered by Montblanc. But what makes me particularly happy is that many participants have launched successful, international careers.

The theater project is made possible financially by Montblanc International. Every year, the best ensemble receives the Montblanc Young Directors Award – a prize with a value of 10,000 Euros. In addition, the winner receives the unique Montblanc Max Reinhardt Pen, designed especially for this project. In addition to its sponsorship, every year Montblanc donates part of the revenue generated by the sale of its Salzburg special edition "Hommage à Max Reinhardt". This made it possible to present further productions during recent years.

The exchange with international young artists is an important source of inspiration for the company Montblanc. Montblanc keenly feels its responsibility to support art and culture, having been a cultural brand for many years. In these fast-paced times, art has an important task. Among our hectic daily routine, it enables us to take a break and to focus on new things. Art enriches and inspires us. It offers impulses for a creative renewal of one's daily life and business routine. I look forward to continuing our excellent cooperation with the Salzburg Festival, and, of course, to the productions of the 2013 Young Directors Project.

Lutz Bethge
Managing Director, Montblanc International

The YDP programme is generously supported by Montblanc International. In addition, Montblanc has donated the prize money of € 10,000 and the exclusive Montblanc Max Reinhardt Pen for the best director. Montblanc Young Directors Award Ceremony on Wednesday, August 21th, 2013.