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Job Postings and Temporary Employment at the Summer Festival

Temporary Employment at the Summer Festival

Every summer, the Salzburg Festival expands its team in preparation of and during the Whitsun and Summer Festival, hiring qualified and temporary staff for fixed periods of time. One precondition for employment is a minimum age of 18 and the willingness to work six days a week and overtime, especially during the months of July and August. Please submit your written application, stating your period of availability (for the Summer Festival, July 1 to August 31 is preferable), ideally by February 2018, to the following address:

Salzburger Festspielfonds
Attn.: Margit Ramsauer
Human Resources Manager

Job Postings

Stage Technician and Lorry Driver (m/f, full-time – 40 hrs/week, temporary)

Make-up artist (m/f, full-time – 40 hrs/week, based on a 6-day-week, temporary from July until August 2018)

Supernumerary in the role of a “cook” – Production: Die Zauberflöte (f, from beginning of July until August)


Information about current castings

Firday, 02 March 2018

Casting for supernumeraries · L'italiana in Algeri

For more information contact statisterie@salzburgfestival.at