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Project Sponsor

Preserving Cultural Monuments, Awakening Enthusiasm for Art

UNIQA and art and culture have belonged together for many years. As the biggest art insurer in Central Europe, we are leading in preserving high-quality cultural monuments and experienced in supporting excellent cultural events. With great enthusiasm we accept the social responsibility of not only preserving our cultural heritage for future generations, but also providing cultural education. That is why we support the Salzburg Festival’s children’s and youth programme. As a partner, we encourage young artists to go their own way and enable them to interpret our cultural heritage in an innovative fashion. With selected musical theatre productions, we wish to awaken a young audience’s enthusiasm for the arts, embedding the support for younger generations in the Festival’s long-range programming. Opera Camps, reduced-price youth tickets, student projects and age-appropriate introductory events inspire the enjoyment of music, keeping it alive for the future.