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Time lapse of the construction



A New Roof for the Felsenreitschule

Inspection of the Construction Site

As part of a press tour, the construction site at the Felsenreitschule was visited on February 9 and progress of the construction inspected. “We want to realize the highest quality – aesthetically, optically and acoustically – at our performance venues for our audiences. That is why we are reconstructing the roof of the Felsenreitschule. This novel technical construction will allow us to switch over to an open-air stage within a few minutes,” says Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler, “and in addition, the Festival gains 700 square meters of space for workshops and rehearsal spaces.”
In only a few weeks, at the end of May, the stage of the Felsenreitschule is to revert to its original function, after completion of the first building phase. When the Haus für Mozart was built, the Felsenreitschule already received a new audience grandstand, which resulted in improved sightlines and acoustics for the audience.

When Peter Stein returns to the site of his triumph this coming summer, revisiting the space that he used as a stage director and director of drama for the Roman plays, a series of further innovations will be ready to serve him and Maestro Riccardo Muti as they realize Verdi’s Macbeth:

• A new roof construction with two fixed girders at the edges and three elements supported by five telescope cantilevers: the slightly inclined pitch roof consisting of three mobile segments resting on five telescope arms will be retractable and expandable within six minutes. Hanging points on the telescope cantilevers for stage technology (chain hoists), improved acoustical and heat protection and two lighting bridges will optimize the stage action.
• New security technology including electrical installations, stage lighting, effect lighting and effect sound.
• In addition, the interior expansion of the 3rd floor will be completed at that time, and the building shell of the newly constructed 4th floor under the roof of the Felsenreitschule will be made available to the Festival – this being the last instance in which new space can be created within the Festival District.

On June 9, 2011, a gala concert will mark the reopening of the Felsenreitschule. On the occasion of the 50 year anniversary of the Friends of the Salzburg Festival, this “Bernhard Paumgartner Memorial Concert” will commemorate the Festival President, 1967 keynote address speaker and founder of the Friends of the Salzburg Festival (the concert is open by invitation to members and patrons). The Camerata Salzburg will perform, conducted by Leopold Hager. The concert will also serve as the final acoustic test of the new space.

Riccardo Muti’s Grand Finale

Four days later, on June 13, Riccardo Muti will conduct his Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini in the final concert of the 2011 Salzburg Whitsun Festival. The program includes Cherubini’s Requiem in C-minor and marks the final station in the Maestro’s five-year exploration of the often uncharted acoustic landscapes of the Neapolitan School.

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