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Time lapse of the construction




On the roof (2,100 square meters in total, including 1,000 square meters of mobile roof space), 3,700 hours of construction and planning have been completed, plus 18,900 hours of construction work. 650 tons of steel construction elements have been produced, and 500 tons of these steel elements have been installed so far. The heaviest load lifted by the tower crane was 19.5 tons at an extension of 42.5 meters. The longest construction element delivered to Toscaninihof measured 28.5 meters.

Technical Data of the Felsenreitschule

Felsenreitschule stage:
40 meters broad, 25 meters deep, sub-stage 4 meters deep

Audience capacity:
1,438 audience members (1,409 seats, 25 standing room spaces and 4 handicapped spaces)

Orchestra pit:
21 x 6 meters, 3.5 meters levitation height, 21 tons load, orchestra podium that can be adjusted electro-mechanically to any position

New roof:
2 fixed side girders and 3 elements supported by 5 telescope arms; closing procedure of maximally 6 minutes. Hanging points on the telescope cantilevers for stage technology (chain hoists), improved acoustical and heat protection, and two lighting bridges.