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Time lapse of the construction



Construction Phases

Construction Phase 1: Completion on May 25, 2011

The reconstruction of the body of the roof and an additional floor of usable space began in September of 2010. The slightly inclined pitch roof consisting of three mobile segments resting on five telescope arms will be retractable and expandable within six minutes, and will protect the stage against weather and fire. When the roof is open, the audience at the Felsenreitschule will continue to have the impression that the stage is an open-air space. When the roof is retracted, the size of the open space is as large as it was before.

The 3rd floor and the areas on the stage side, such as the lighting bridges, stage gallery and working bridge can be used to the normal extent. In addition, the shell of the newly added 4th floor under the roof will be completed.

Use of the 3rd floor:
Storage space for lighting and media technology
Wardrobe storage

Use of the new 4th floor (700 square meters of usable space):
Space for workshops and electronic equipment
Workshops for make-up artists and set designers

Access to the 3rd and 4th floor is via elevator or the stairwell in Toscaninihof.

Construction Phase 2:
Beginning in September 2011
Interior construction of the new 4th floor under the Felsenreitschule roof

Construction Phase 3:
Plans for a renovation of the stage tower constructed in 1937/1938 (Clemens Holzmeister)
Including the interior construction of the 4th floor in the stage tower

The 4th floor of the stage tower had been designed by Clemens Holzmeister in 1938 as a rehearsal space, and therefore has the large round windows. Used before the renovation for costume storage, the 4th floor will be adapted to provide a dance and rehearsal studio and event space for up to 99 people, thereby returning to Holzmeister’s original idea.