Public Final Performance
Free admission
No tickets necessary

In cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic and with the support of the Salzburg Foundation of the American Austrian Foundation (AAF) and Solway Investment Group

Luigi Nono’s Intolleranza 1960 sounds like an outcry – a manifesto, composed in sound, against intolerance and oppression. On the one hand it’s a plea for peace and freedom, on the other a moving story about life, love and death. What does it feel like to be alone in a foreign place? How can fanaticism, state impunity and social inequality be dealt with? Aren’t these questions that affect our society, young and older people alike, just as much today as when the work was composed in 1960?
Nono’s sophisticated musical language will be explored in the opera camp. Together we’ll develop our own way of engaging with this 20th century masterpiece, using the elements of music, dance and staging.