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Credit Suisse has been a Main Sponsor since 2006.

Credit Suisse has a long tradition of sponsoring, which forms an integral part of its communication strategy. Our sponsoring activities are divided between the areas of sports and culture, with cultural sponsoring (mainly benefiting classical music) receiving a share of about 40%.

We collaborate with outstanding cultural institutions when we are convinced that they represent common values, enabling an image transfer. Our support goes exclusively to institutions which are ranked among the best in their field, such as the Salzburg Festival, where innovation is part of the tradition and which strive for excellence just as much as we do.

Therefore, our sponsoring strategy reflects our goal of being a leading bank that acts globally, giving its customers new perspectives through its counsel and power of innovation.

On the one hand, sponsoring the Salzburg Festival gives us the opportunity to participate in this unique festival; on the other hand, it is an ideal environment to experience with our customers. Cultural sponsoring, after all, is an important element in our strategy to strengthen our relationship with selected customers. Furthermore, the congruence of our common values enables an image transfer. Customers with an affinity for culture value Credit Suisse as a dependable, effective and sympathetic partner for major cultural institutions.

The Salzburg Festival embodies the quest for outstanding performances and innovation in an impressive way. This is exactly what we strive for in our relationship with our customers. We are convinced that the collaboration with the Salzburg Festival underlines our commitment to outstanding performances for our customers.

Brady W. Dougan
CEO, Credit Suisse



“Aren’t you afraid that the sponsors will try to influence your program?” is a common question in the arts sections of various newspapers, especially since we have been so successful in acquiring sponsors. And I can always answer both spontaneously and honestly: No, I am not afraid of that. Our sponsors are far too intelligent not to know that trying to influence the content of our program would have a boomerang effect. On the contrary, I hope our sponsors continue to influence us, in the sense that they make it possible to implement projects that we could not realize otherwise for lack of money. Therefore, on behalf of the Festival, I would very much like to thank our sponsors, donors, supporters and friends as well as the public authorities subsidizing the Festival for their generous support.

Helga Rabl-Stadler
President of the Salzburg Festival