Instructions for e-Tickets and Personalisation

1. General Information

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about many changes, including for the Salzburg Festival.

Thus, the e-ticket (print@home ticket) was introduced last summer. If you did not select postal delivery when ordering your tickets for this year, you will receive your admission tickets as an e-ticket.

In addition to a paperless alternative, the e-ticket gives festival guests a high degree of self-administration, as the personalisation and distribution of e-tickets can be carried out independently of the ticket office. Especially in such challenging times, this ticket format brings a welcome flexibility, as the e-tickets can be (re-)personalised at any time.

In contrast to printed admission tickets, there are no processing fees (printing and shipping costs) or fees for any re-personalization and replacement tickets for e-tickets.

2. My Tickets

  • In the area MY TICKETS , you will find all the admission tickets for your events.
  • By using the menu option SEND you can forward a ticket to third parties.
  • By clicking on the menu option SHOW, you will find the exact seating information and can personalise the ticket.
  • After you have completed the personalisation, the menu option SAVE allows you to download the admission ticket as a PDF or save it as an e-ticket to your wallet on your mobile phone.

3. Personalisation

  • Please click on SHOW.
  • A popup window will show you the seating information of your ticket.
  • If you have received several tickets, you can switch between the individual tickets by clicking on the arrows to the right/left.
  • Clicking PERSONALIZE NOW will start the personalisation process.
  • You can personalise the admission tickets for yourself as well as for third parties.
  • Please note that access to events at the Salzburg Festival 2021 is only possible with valid personalisation. The personalisation is checked at the entrance by means of an ID check.
  • Now please enter the data of the person using the admission ticket.
  • The automatic buyer personalisation is not sufficient in the following cases:
    • The buyer does not attend the performance her-/himself
    • More than four admission tickets per event
    • Tickets run on a company name
  • After the personalisation was successfully completed, the name will be displayed on the e-ticket.
  • By clicking on the pencil symbol, the personalisation can be changed at any time.

4. Saving Your Ticket

  • Once you have personalised it, you can then save your e-ticket. To do so, click SAVE.
  • In the next step you can choose to save your digital ticket as a PDF (print@home) or as an e-ticket on your smartphone.
  • Please note that any change or re-personalisation invalidates all older digital and printed versions of the ticket.


  • If you opt for the PDF-ticket, you can then download, print or send it.
  • After personalisation and saving of the print@home ticket, it can be re-personalised or passed on via the customer area on the website.


  • If you would like to add the e-ticket to your digital wallet, please click on the corresponding link.
  • On the mobile phone you will then be asked whether you would like to automatically add the e-ticket to your wallet.
  • For the desktop version of the e-ticket a file is generated and saved. Subsequently it can be transferred (e.g. via mail) to your mobile phone.
  • Apple iPhone automatically supports the file format.
  • If you use an Android smartphone, please download the appropriate app from the Playstore.

5. Forwarding Your E-Ticket

  • You can forward the e-ticket to another person. To do so, please click the SEND button.
  • If you choose to forward the ticket to someone else, the ticket is passed on and disappears from MY TICKETS – Tickets.
  • In order to complete the ticket transfer the recipient must accept the ticket (see 6. Accepting Your E-Ticket). Forwarded, not yet accepted tickets as well as received tickets can be found under the section MY TICKETS – Offers. As soon as the recipient has accepted the ticket, it also disappears from MY TICKETS – Offers and you no longer have access to it.
  • If you want to forward the tickets in order to print them, please do not send them to a different e-mail address. Instead, save them as a PDF first and then pass them on for printing

6. Accepting Your E-Ticket

  • You have received an e-mail with a Festival ticket.
  • In order to accept the ticket, please click the button To Your Ticket!
  • This will take you to the Salzburg Festival website.
  • Should you be registered at the Salzburg Festival already, you will be asked to log in to your account.
    • In the area MY FESTIVAL you will find your admission tickets under the menu option MY TICKETS
    • .

  • If you do not have a Festival account yet, you will be forwarded to a different page.


  • If the e-ticket has not been personalised yet, you can find the instructions to do so in section 3.