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“Living on the Streets is no Child’s Play – Everyman can help!”

8 JUL 2011

published in: Drama, General

Helga Rabl-Stadler, La Hong, Hans Kreuzeder
This statement from Caritas Director Hans Kreuzeder expresses what really matters: the willingness to help. Thus, the Salzburg Festival supports Caritas Salzburg by selling tickets for the dress rehearsal for Jedermann (Everyman) on July 25, to benefit a project for children living on the streets of Alexandria. Tickets will go on sale starting immediately.

Anyone can buy tickets for this rehearsal, and thereby automatically makes a donation. 100% go towards the good cause, as the entire revenue goes directly to Caritas Salzburg. The proceeds of the benefit will be used to build an emergency dormitory, desperately needed at the Caritas’ daycare center for children living on the streets in Alexandria.

“In the 3rd century B.C., the entire body of knowledge of Antiquity was united in Alexandria. Hundreds of the greatest minds of Antiquity lived in this extraordinary place. The Salzburg Festival and the artists of Jedermann wish to say a tiny thank-you for this great gift to humanity,” Helga Rabl-Stadler explains the motivation for supporting a project for children living on the streets of Alexandria.

Egypt, which is in the midst of great political turmoil, is one of the focus countries for Salzburg’s Caritas organization. The offers range from daycare centers to assisted living, giving children not only their basic subsistence, but also socio-pedagogical support on their difficult path in life.

Tickets for the Jedermann benefit on July 25 at 8:30 pm can be purchased starting immediately at the SHOP • KARTEN/TICKETS, ranging from 15 to 80 Euros in price.

The “love shirt” which star designer La Hong (center) created exclusively for Caritas may be ordered by donating at least 25 Euros for children living on the street at www.liebebeginnt.at, or on Alter Markt during the Festival Opening Party on July 24.