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Continuity of the Infinite Powers

4 JUL 2011

published in: Concert, General

Continu, Photo: Sebastian Bolesch
“The piece deals with the theme of being driven, of desire, of raw, uninhibited emotion, in contrast to intellectual distance or control”, Sasha Waltz tells about her choreography. “Continu has become an unusual work for me. Although it contains themes which continue to crop up in my work, here they have assumed a totally new form. But there are also other aspects which have surprised even me and which I have allowed, in their pathos, in their blackness and inescapability or simply in their beauty.”

In Continu, Sasha Waltz pulls together essential elements from her works of the past ten years. The piece creates a field of tension between choreographic, musical and visual energy flows. The title also stands for the continuity of the infinite powers of nature. In Continu, Sasha Waltz returns to important impulses from her two large-scale museum projects in 2009: the artistic inauguration of David Chipperfield’s Neues Museum in Berlin and of MAXXI by Zaha Hadid in Rome. Together with 24 dancers, she designs a large-scale and archaic choreography. The epoch-making symphonic orchestral work Arcana by Edgard Varèse forms the musical core of Continu, surrounded by further compositions by the same composers as well as works by Iannis Xenakis and Claude Vivier. See more in our trailer.