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Exhibition Opening “Behind the Scenes”

14 JUL 2017

published in: General

Grosses Festspielhaus Entrance Foyer © SF / Luigi Caputo
Once again, the exhibition series at the entrance foyer of the Grosses Festspielhaus, a cooperation with the Leica Gallery Salzburg and Leica Camera AG, allows the audience a glimpse Behind the Scenes at the Salzburg Festival in 2017. The Austrian Leica photographer Horst Stasny accompanied the development of the opera La clemenza di Tito from the first technical rehearsal to the premiere, and he will also be present for the opening of the exhibition, scheduled for 22 July at 11 am at the entrance foyer of the Grosses Festspielhaus.

La clemenza di Tito: Backstage

The Salzburg-based photographer Horst Stasny throws a special light on this year’s opera production La clemenza di Tito. His exhibition at the foyer of the Grosses Festspielhaus calls attention to itself visually: eight large-scale motifs in the form of letters form the word CLEMENZA, inviting visitors to take a glimpse behind the opera’s scenes. This photographic documentation shows impressively how opera, that “total work of art”, is created by a multitude of professionals; not only on stage, but also in the many workshops during the elaborate preparation phase and in the technical departments during the production itself. Innumerable decisions must be made until the curtain rises on an unforgettable opera experience, performed for a few evenings only. Horst Stasny has observed the production from various perspectives, attending the first meetings with his Leica SL and going on to document the development and implementation process, from first idea to final perfection. Time and again, he has managed to focus especially on the people behind the overall process of an opera production – for every individual is important, every department is essential with its specific contribution. Thus, this artistic documentation becomes a beautiful homage to all those involved in the project, including those who normally remain invisible.

This exhibition is the culmination of a photographic trilogy which began in 2015 with the exhibit Those in the Dark are Invisible by the Swiss photographer Alberto Venzago and the Salzburg-based photographer Lisa Kutzelnig, continuing last year with paired images created by the photographs Heidi Simon and Robert Mertens from Graz, entitled Boards that Signify the World. Unlike the previous exhibitions, the series Backstage by Horst Stasny purposefully concentrates on one single production of the Salzburg Festival, and thus La clemenza di Tito proves unique in one more way: from the photographic angle.

Exhibition Opening:
22 July, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm; Entrance Foyer of the Grosses Festspielhaus, Hofstallgasse 1