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Director Michael Sturminger to Take Over Jedermann

6 APR 2017

published in: Drama

Michael Sturminger © Teresa Zötl
There will be a change of directors for Jedermann. Given the fact that nine roles were re-cast for 2017, first and foremost the title role and the Paramour, in the summer of 2015 an agreement was made with the directors’ team of Brian Mertes and Julian Crouch to develop their concept further. Such further developments of existing productions have taken place at many points in the history of Jedermann productions, to an extent that they can be considered an integral part of Jedermann’s specific history.

Since the agreement, the pillars of this renewal have been discussed in numerous meetings. Since these discussions have not led to agreement despite both sides’ best efforts, a mutual decision was taken not to continue the collaboration and to commission a new staging of Jedermann.

The Festival has managed to engage director Michael Sturminger and his team of designers, Renate Martin and Andreas Donhauser, for the new 2017 Jedermann – an experienced and successful leading team.

The Directorate thanks Brian Mertes and Julian Crouch for their successful production of the past four years. With the procession of the Jedermann ensemble from the Festspielhaus to Cathedral Square before each performance, they succeeded in creating a special homage to Max Reinhardt’s motto “All the city is a stage”.

The new production of Jedermann will have an extensive rehearsal period, 06 June to 21 July 2017.