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Culinary Seduction at the Festival Ball

28 AUG 2014

published in: Festival Ball

(Photo: Andreas Kolarik)
Popping corks and hearty specialties are part of a successful and glittering ball night, just as much as a teeming dance floor! The Ball caterer – the Hotel Goldener Hirsch – will cooperate with our sponsors and partners to ensure that our Ball guests find all their culinary wishes fulfilled.
The Karl-Böhm-Saal, right next to the ballroom, is not only the site of the opening, but also the centre of culinary temptations. The Long Bar, for example, offers refreshments after dancing, for example venison sausages, schnitzel rolls or fresh rolls with leberkäse. Then there is the ice-cream stand from Eiswerk, where we strongly recommend the refreshing varieties raspberry, vanilla, stracciatella and chocolate-mint.
The Stiegl Bräustüberl on the gallery of the Karl-Böhm-Saal is a bit more rustic, as is the terrace of the Haus für Mozart, where goulash soup is accompanied by the Stiegl house beer “Wildshuter Sortenspiel” or a cool Festival Pilsner. The terrace also offers an opportunity to hear the band “Rot-Weiß-Musi”, featuring Richard Deutinger and Anton Gmachl on harmonica and Thomas Eibl on bass.

Relaxation is the theme of the Chillout Lounge over the roofs of Salzburg, at SalzburgKulisse. There, the Falstaff Bar entices you with various cocktails – next to champagne and sparkling wine specialties at the Schlumberger Bar, of course. Sparkling drinks can also be found in the ballroom itself, where this year finds a bar on Level 4 for the first time.
You will find all this and more at the Festival Ball – is your mouth watering yet?