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FestivalTalk: “Art that is Fun“

23 AUG 2014

published in: Opera, General

Hartwig Löger, Helga Rabl-Stadler, Peter Humer, Kinder (Foto: Franz Neumayr)
There are frequent laments about the failure of parents and schools regarding arts education. Many complain that only the big event counts today. Some despair because so-called high culture seems to be aging along with its audience. For example, the 2013 Sinus Milieu Study found that young Austrians spend an average of 275 minutes per day on the internet, and every second one uses social networks, e.g. Facebook, twice a day.
Together with UNIQA Austria, the Festival has decided to act: as a starting point for their future collaboration, UNIQA Austria supported the 2014 production La Cenerentola for Children and invited 50 children and their parents to a performance. In the beginning, Hartwig Löger and Helga Rabl-Stadler spoke about the importance of introducing children to the arts. Löger: “Art is often given short shrift in school. As one of the largest insurance companies in Austria, it is part of our job to teach future generations about culture, and to awaken a young audience’s enthusiasm for the arts. That is why we support La Cenerentola for Children at the 2014 Salzburg Festival.”
Therefore, the collaboration will also expand in the future. Selected musical theatre productions, youth camps, and accompanying events tailored to children and teenagers are designed to awaken and develop the enjoyment and understanding of music. Rabl-Stadler: “I am glad to have found a faithful partner for the Salzburg Festival in UNIQA Austria. Our cooperation in the area of children and youth projects, which has been contractually agreed through 2017, enables the Festival to keep offering its varied initiatives in this field.”
La Cenerentola for Children is a new production of the Salzburg Festival in 2014: the participants of the Young Singers Project tell the story of Cinderella in an abridged and easily understood version, using spoken dialogue and singing the opera’s most beautiful arias, accompanied by the orchestra sound and enchanting stage effects. An ideal introduction to the fascinating world of opera for the entire family!
UNIQA Austria has made support for youth projects a fixed part of its corporate culture for many years. “UNIQA Austria meets its social responsibility of not only preserving the cultural heritage of future generations, but also providing arts education. That is why we will continue to support the children’s and youth programme of the Salzburg Festival as a project sponsor,” says Hartwig Löger.