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Taxi Dancers at the 3. Salzburg Festival Ball

22 AUG 2014

published in: Festival Ball, General

Taxitänzer (Photo: Ballbüro / Gerrit Holz)
I enjoy taxi dancing because one is always in good company and is doing both the ladies and the gentlemen who are not as keen on dancing a favour – thus the motivation of the former professional ballroom dancer Stefan L. to travel from Vienna to Salzburg’s Festival Ball and act as a taxi dancer. He is one of 10 so-called taxi dancers of all ages who will be waiting at the taxi dancers’ booth inside the Felsenreitschule ballroom to be “borrowed” by dance-loving ladies for two to three dances. Not all the taxi dancers are professionals, but all of them have a gold-star command of the standard ballroom dances.
At the age of 14, Stefan attended his first dance class – and he caught the dance fever immediately. Shortly thereafter, he was already meeting with some friends on a weekly basis to practice a choreography which they presented as a formation at various balls. The tough training regime and the necessary precision and synchronicity did not keep him from attending competitions and even founding his own dancing club. He crowned his career with a 5th place at the European Cup for his dance group.
Since the end of 2013 Stefan has given up competitive dancing in order to dedicate himself to his professional future – it is only the very select few who can make a living dancing... But his enjoyment of dancing remains unchanged. These days I am frequently found as a taxi dancer at balls, and I look forward to leading you onto the dance floor on August 30 at the Salzburg Festival Ball at the Felsenreitschule!