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Opportunities for Young Fans and Performers

11 AUG 2014

published in: Opera, General

La Cenerentola for Children • Miloš Bulajić, Annika Schlicht (Photo: Dorike Van Genderen)
One opportunity for the youth presented during this year’s festival is provided via the Young Singers Project. This project was created in 2008 in order to support young and talented vocalists. The group is made up of singers from all over the world that were selected after completing a tough audition process. The elite singers that are selected for the project get to work with Salzburg Festival artists. One of the jobs that the members of the Young Singers Project are responsible for this year is performing La Cenerentola for Children as well as Die Entführung aus dem Serail for Children. These operas are edited so they are significantly shorter in length and easy to understand for the young audience. It is a great opportunity to introduce the next generation to the artistic culture of Salzburg.
The performances of both of this year’s children’s operas will be preceded by fully staged introductory workshops: Spiel und Spaß mit Rossini und Mozart. Monika Sigl-Radauer guides the children through the world of opera in a creative and funny way.
One of the most intriguing opportunities for children that are interested in creating or performing musical pieces is to join one of the Salzburg Festival’s Opera Camps. In cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic and support from the Salzburg Foundation of the American Austrian Foundation, young people are able to watch an opera, practice the parts, assist with the designing and building of a set, create an opera of their own, attend dress rehearsals with backstage access, and finally perform their very own opera. This year, an Il trovatore Camp and Fierrabras Camp were offered. You can attend the final performances for free.
Another notable event for children associated with the Festival this year is the Siemens Children’s Festival. This offers children free admission to view daylight screenings of performances at the Kapitelplatz. The Siemens Children’s Festival began on July 27th this year and will continue until the 31st of August. This Children’s Festival was first introduced to the public in 2008, and has since been a main attraction for the kids (ages 5 and up). On average, about 2,000 children participate in the varied programme each year.  All of the Children’s Festival events offer free admission to those who would like to attend.