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When science and art intersect and provoke: Roche Continents challenge 100 students at the Salzburg Festival

5 AUG 2014

published in: General

Roche Continents: Meet the Artists (Photo: Matthew Lee)
“Roche Continents” is part of Roche’s commitment to contemporary culture and is aimed at exploring the common ground of creativity and innovation in arts and science thereby triggering new approaches and ways of thinking.
Franz B. Humer, former Chairman of the Board of Roche, said: “Roche Continents provides young talented people with an opportunity to explore the bridges that link arts and science, creating an environment that fosters innovation. Innovation is at the core of Roche’s culture, which makes this engagement so special.”
Helga Rabl-Stadler, President of the Salzburg Festival, welcomes Roche Continents and the one hundred young guests to the Salzburg Festival: “As the cooperation between Roche and the Salzburg Festival enters its eighth year, we continue to value the involvement of a partner with an open-minded approach to new ideas in the arts.”
Roche has a long tradition of supporting artistic and cultural projects. Roche Continents is a project grown from Roche’s partnership with the Salzburg Festival, where the company sponsors Salzburg contemporary, a series of concerts featuring the works of contemporary composers.