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M.A.C Workshop for the Salzburg Festival’s Makeup Artists

28 JUL 2014

published in: General

(Photo: Lisa Kutzelnig)
Through months of preparation time, the costume designers’ ideas for costumes and makeup are developed into concrete designs for the Festival productions by the costume and makeup department under Dorothea Nicolai. With the rehearsal period starting in early July, these ideas are then tailored to the individual artist, finished in the shortest imaginable time and produced in the Festival’s workshops. The makeup department alone unites 92 highly specialized and educated makeup artists under the leadership of Christa Lamberz for the duration of the Festival.

Kathrin Jokubonis has been with M.A.C Cosmetics for eleven years; for the past six years she has been the company’s training manager and responsible for the education of makeup artists in Austria. She has also gained international experience at the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and London. Among others, she has worked as key makeup artist for Vivienne Westwood, implementing the Westwood look for her show in Vienna. Celebrities like Courtney Love and Olivia Wild have trusted her makeup artistry.

The supernumeraries Susanne Klappacher and Edith Trauner from the production Charlotte Salomon graciously agreed to participate in the workshop as makeup models.