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Swarovski provides a New Dress for the Paramour in the 2014 Jedermann Production

23 JUL 2014

published in: Drama, General

Brigitte Hobmeier (Paramour) Photo: Thomas Schrott
As in 2013, in designing the costume, Swarovski worked with the prize-winning designer Olivera Gajic from New York and the Salzburg Festival costume department again. In close cooperation with the Swarovski creative team, the Serbian-born designer also created a spectacular necklace for the leading lady, Brigitte Hobmeier.
As Olivera Gajic, the costume designer, said: “The inspiration for this year’s production was the pleasure garden that Jedermann wants to build for the Paramour. That is why the dress features all these blossoms on which the crystals sparkle like dewdrops. I find crystals infinitely inspiring. If you add them to a costume, it’s like turning on a spotlight, for crystals immediately attract the light. The Paramour was to appear as the most radiant protagonist – that is why we use crystals only on Brigitte Hobmeier’s dress.”
Nadja Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski Executive Board, added: “We are delighted to be able to support the Jedermann production at the Salzburg Festival again this year, setting off sparkling fireworks onstage in the female lead’s costume. For Swarovski, a company with Austrian roots, it is an honour to contribute to this play, which has compelled audiences for decades with its extraordinary creativity.”
Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s play of the rich man’s dying was first directed by Max Reinhardt at the very first Salzburg Festival in 1920. Ever since, the drama has been performed annually in front of the spectacular backdrop of Salzburg’s Cathedral, enthralling audiences as the Festival’s highlight.
During the 2014 Festival summer, the play is performed again by the cast which celebrated its premiere last season: Brigitte Hobmeier as the Paramour, Cornelius Obonya in the title role, Simon Schwarz as the Devil and Peter Lohmeyer as Death. The English star stage designer and director Julian Crouch and the American director Brian Mertes co-direct this production.
Swarovski has maintained close ties with the stage and silver screen for more than 80 years. Cooperating with the Salzburg Festival is a constant for the Austrian company among its partnerships with the most important cultural institutions in the world. 

Jedermann had its premiere on July 19, 2014. Further performances are scheduled through August 29, 2014.

Swarovski Jedermann - Enlightening the stage from Wildruf on Vimeo.

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