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Tasting for the Gala Dinner at Genusswelt Döllerer

17 JUL 2014

published in: Festival Ball

Suzanne Harf, Andi and Christl Döllerer (Photo: Salzburger Festspiele / Andras Kolarik)
Some of the soloists of this year’s productions Don Giovanni and Fierrabras were recently given a welcome break from their rehearsal marathon. They were asked to lend their discerning palates to the tasting of the Festival Ball Gala Dinner at Genusswelt Döllerer in Golling. The meal will be served to about 500 guests at the Archiepiscopal Residence on Saturday, August 30, as part of the Salzburg Festival Ball.
After the first bites, the enthusiastic hobby cooks Tomasz Konieczny, on stage from July 27 as Il Commendatore at the Haus für Mozart, and Markus Werba, currently rehearsing the role of Roland in Schubert’s Fierrabras, were already hooked. The sweetness of the pickled tomatoes harmonised with the light acidity of the cheese and olives and the aromatic mountain herbs. This was accompanied by warm bread, fresh from the oven. During the main course, conversation briefly halted – so tasty were the saddle of veal, cooked to a tender pink, and the slow-cooked cheeks of veal accompanied by a distinctive potato-mushroom roulade. The menu’s finale was summery and refreshing: creations using white Berger chocolate served on an apple-cucumber granita with chervil fresh from the meadow. The award-winning chef Andi Döllerer also proved his mettle in the field of vegan cuisine – Anett Fritsch, who makes her Salzburg debut in the role of Elvira, was highly appreciative. Star singer Michael Schade, accompanied by his daughter Jane Ingram, almost proclaimed a “vegan revolution”! His two stage partners, Julia Kleiter and Marie-Claude Chappuis, agreed – the menu by award-winning chef Andi Döllerer is not the only, but certainly a convincing reason to attend the Festival Ball!