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The Music for Salzburg’s “Jedermann”

11 JUL 2014

published in: Drama

Sometimes small miracles really do occur on the sidelines of major theatre productions – miracles that are unforeseeable and which one certainly cannot count on, and yet ultimately they give the whole project its uniqueness and its charm, beyond all purposeful efforts. That is what happened during the new production of Jedermann. I asked Robert Kainar about his first encounter with Martin Lowe, the music director: “Love at first sight,” he said factually – and truthfully. The two met for the first time in the autumn of 2012; in December they selected the musicians who were to become the Jedermann “Ensemble 013”, and all together, they created the unmistakable and breathtaking sound of this celebrated production. Max Reinhardt was well aware of the suggestive power of good incidental music and commissioned the composers Einar Nilson and Bernhard Paumgartner to create an opulent sound. The Ensemble 013 and Martin Lowe have rearranged some of their works, for as directors Julian Crouch and Brian Mertes said: “We don’t just throw away all the old things. We make use of the original material in many ways, in order to give the whole production fresh impulses.” Indeed, Crouch and Mertes have traced Jedermann back all the way to Everyman, pointing to its origins: the theatre of travelling players, performing on streets and in market squares. The music harkens back to this world in an ingenious way. The USA, where both directors were born, is also the homeland of musician and actress Saskia Lane, who contributed compositions, as did Julian Crouch and Martin Lowe. Funeral marches and processions, jazz and the Balkans, folk and Mahler, Klezmer and classical music have grown together and merged in a unique mixture – through all these composer/arrangers and through the fabulous musicians of the Ensemble 013. It has become the ceremonious, vivid, melancholy and festive sound of the new Jedermann. A stroke of luck, and a great joy. We are proud to present their CD. We are also proud because the Ensemble 013 will also continue to work together, beyond Jedermann. A new project is already in the works!

Sven-Eric Bechtolf


On July 19, 2014 the Ensemble 013 presents its new CD Jedermann, featuring all the musical works used in the performances and some additional ones written for the occasion, at 2 pm at the Wolf Dietrichsruh Courtyard.

The CD can be purchased at the SHOP • KARTEN/TICKETS of the Salzburg Festival, at the performances of Jedermann on Cathedral Square, at all the regular CD shops and of course at the Festival Opening Party.