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The Festival Ball Patronesses Sample Stiegl’s Specialties

7 JUL 2014

published in: Festival Ball

Suzanne Harf, Barbara Bonney, Alessandra Kiener, Markus Trinker (Photo: Salzburger Festspiele / Andreas Kolarik)
Stiegl is good for surprises and treats for the taste buds – that was impressively proven when the largest private brewery in Austria offered a tasting of some of its beer specialties. Its director, Alessandra Kiener, and Elisabeth Gürtler, a member of the Honorary Committee, had invited the Festival Ball’s Patronesses to the Stiegl Brauwelt. The current house beer “Schneeweißchen & Orangenrot“ (“Snow White & Orange-Red“) tempts customers with flavours of orange peel, coriander and citrus, while the “Wildshuter Sortenspiel” offers the spicy and flowery notes of various ancient cereals like spelt, black oats, emmer and einkorn wheat, cultivated on Stiegl’s own fields. After the ladies were introduced to the art of beer brewing and the Stiegl Company at the brewery’s prize-winning 3D cinema, creative master brewer Markus Trinker invited them to sample Stiegl’s Bourbon Beer, ripened in barrique barrels stored in the impressive barrel maturation vaults.
Curious? At the Festival Ball, some of these specialties will be offered at the Stiegl Bräustüberl at the Karl-Böhm-Saal and on the Balcony of the Haus für Mozart!