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“The Forbidden Zone” • The Production now focuses on Clara Immerwahr

30 JAN 2014

published in: Drama

Death Star (Detail) (Copryright: Roberto Longo)
The English director Katie Mitchell has been commissioned by the Salzburg Festival as part of our season reflecting on the First World War to create the project The Forbidden Zone for the Perner-Insel Hallein stage. Katie Mitchell and her writer Duncan Macmillan’s initial inspiration came from Mary Borden’s autobiographical work of the same name. Borden, a rich American heiress, financed and ran a field hospital on the Western Front and her book about these experiences proves herself to be an author of consequence, who succeeds in providing a compelling account of the sufferings of the wounded soldiers and the often powerless medical staff attempting to help them.
During Katie Mitchell and Duncan Macmillan’s process of research and preparation – as is desirable and not atypical for such a lengthy project – their interest in the events of the First World has evolved.  As a consequence, the events on stage will no longer be centred around Mary Borden as originally envisaged. Instead, Katie Mitchell and Duncan Macmillan have chosen to shift their focus onto the story of another remarkable woman from the First World War period: Clara Immerwahr.

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