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Historian Christopher Clark to give Keynote Address at the 2014 Festival Opening

12 NOV 2013

published in: General

“In 2014 the outbreak of World War I one hundred years ago will be commemorated all over Europe,” says Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler. “With our programme we wish to show how artists dealt with this primary catastrophe of the past century. After all, it is quite justified to say that the Salzburg Festival is a fruit of World War I.” Sven-Eric Bechtolf, Director of Drama, is also very pleased by the choice of Clark as Festival Speaker for the coming year: “We devote ourselves to the First World War. However, this is not an occasion for looking backward.” This, according to Bechtolf, is what the historian also shows in his highly interesting book. “Clark has managed to write a book which transforms the reader from a sceptic into an enthusiast on the subject of Europe.” Born in Sydney, Australia, in 1960, Clark studied history at the University of Sydney, the Free University in Berlin and finally at the University of Cambridge, where he obtained his doctoral degree and title in history in 1991. Since 2008 he has taught at the elite university as a Professor of Modern European History with a focus on the history of Germany and Continental Europe during the 19th century. Furthermore, Clark has been a Fellow of St. Catherine’s College for two decades and is its Director of Studies in History today.