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8 OCT 2013

published in: General

Stefan Maier, Helga Rabl-Stadler, Johannes Dines, Photo: Caritas
For three years, a violent civil war has shaken Syria, claiming new victims every day. Large parts of the Syrian economy have broken down. There is hardly any basic medical care for the population; every fifth school in the country has been closed. An entire generation of Syrian children is growing up traumatised. The conflict has cost at least 100,000 human lives so far.

 The Festival’s President, Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler, asserts: “Given the great misery of these people, the Directorate and artists of the Salzburg Festival are very keen to help them.” In order to alleviate the suffering of Syria’s civilian population, the Salzburg Festival supports the Caritas Refugee Aid this year with a donation of 78,860 Euros. Mag. Johannes Dines, Director of Caritas Salzburg, is grateful for the help: “With the generous donation from the Salzburg Festival, we were able to make certain that more than 1,100 families have food packages for one month, ensuring their survival.”

In the past, the Salzburg Festival has repeatedly supported Caritas projects:

 · Benefit dress rehearsal for Jedermann to support the construction of an emergency shelter for street children in Egypt  on July 25, 2011 Euro 40,000


· Benefit performance (An Evening for Sarajevo) of Joseph Haydn’s oratorio Il ritorno di Tobia on August 19, 2013 to support integration projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina, including the multi-ethnic kindergarten run by Caritas Euro 60,000