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280 Performances in 45 Days at 14 Performance Venues

1 SEP 2013

published in: General

The 1400 children and teenagers of El Sistema from Venezuela caused a storm of enthusiasm. Another extraordinary success was the new production of Jedermann – only the eleventh since 1920. The Ouverture spirituelle brought an opening towards the Shinto and Buddhist world view. The concert performances of operas by Verdi and Wagner, the Mahler Symphonies and the oratorios by Joseph Haydn – to name only a few highlights of this summer, apart from the new scenic productions – found an echo that can be described numerically as follows: with 286,301 visitors, we registered the highest number of visitors since the founding of the Salzburg Festival 93 years ago.

280 Performances in 45 Days at 14 Performance Venues

The programme of the 2013 Salzburg Festival offered 280 performances at 14 performance venues in the three genres of opera, concert and drama.

Ticket Sales Revenue (as of August 29, 2013)

ca. € 29,155,000 Total Revenue (gross) for the Summer (excluding Festival Ball)

Proceeds of Benefit Performance

€ 95,000 Dress Rehearsal for Jedermann

Visitors (as of August 30, excluding Festival Ball)

~ 251,000                           at 234 regular events

        2,396                           at 1 benefit dress rehearsal

        9,692                           at 46 special events

                                             (e. g. master classes, Festival Opening Party)


     23,213                           at 19 rehearsals and dress rehearsals


Thus, last year’s record attendance could be increased once again this summer.

The percentage of seats sold will reach over 93%.

Provenance of Visitors

73 Nations • 39 Non-European Nations

Youth Tickets

Approximately 4,000 tickets were sold to young visitors at deep discounts (10–15% of original prices).

Hungry for Arts and Culture

ickets for rehearsals and dress rehearsals (Lucio Silla, Gawain, Die Meistersinger, Don Carlo, Mozart Matinees) were once again distributed to Die Laube, an organization which passes tickets on to social institutions like Armutskonferenz, Saftladen Neustart, Pro Ecce, Caritas, Samba, Lebenshilfe, and Die Laube.

Benefit Dress Rehearsal for Jedermann

The open dress rehearsal for Jedermann on July 18, 2013 was made accessible to the population of Salzburg and the Festival’s visitors. On this day, the artists performed without fees, and the net revenue of € 95,000 was donated to “ORF Flood Aid Now”.

An Evening for Sarajevo

On August 19, 2013, Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducted the Orchestra La Scintilla in Joseph Haydn’s Il ritorno di Tobia. On the occasion of the imminent 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I in 1914, this concert marked the launch of a worldwide message of peace, commemorating the tragic history of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Europe. The net revenue of the Salzburg Festival performance of Joseph Haydn’s oratorio Il ritorno di Tobia will be donated to several integration projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Ticket Prices

More than half of the cards offer (about 130,000) are located in the price range up to € 100.


In 2013, revenue from sponsoring and patronage come to over € 12,12 million.

In addition, the Association of Friends of the Salzburg Festival contributed € 2.7 million. The Federal Government, the State of Salzburg, the City of Salzburg and the Tourism Board contributed € 13.5 million to the budget. Therefore, 2013 is the first year in which private contributions are higher than the Festival’s public support.

Media Usage of Audio-Visual Productions

In cooperation with Unitel, the exclusive audio-visual partner of the Salzburg Festival, a total of 14 productions from the genres concert, opera and drama were recorded in co-production with ORF, ZDR, 3sat, Arte, NHK and Servus TV and broadcast on TV in over 30 countries. ORF Radio broadcast three opera productions and 30 concerts, twelve of which have already been rebroadcast via the European Broadcasting Union network in 40 countries all over the world.