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Pa pa pa pa ... Pause ...

16 AUG 2013

by Theresa Dittmar  14:52 h;
published in: Opera

Theresa Dittmar (Photo: no details available)
“Even if these children’s performances only last a good 65 minutes, it is quite strenuous to be performing every day. Many photographs have been taken and autographs distributed, and the children really seem to be having a good time. So do we, of course, and yet we are relieved to have one day without make-up and wigs.

There isn’t much time for relaxation anyway. Some of us are flying to Mallorca soon to sing a concert. In the meantime, the others are busy preparing for our Final Concert! It’s going to happen quicker than one thinks: August 23 is not far off, so we have to push ahead.

And yet, right now it’s time to enjoy the lovely weather and to calm down a bit before the YSP enters its final stretch. We don’t even want to think that far yet. We have all grown so accustomed to each other and our daily lives here that we have come to slightly fear the end of summer. For despite our fatigue and exhaustion, we are truly enjoying our time here. Close friendships have formed in the short time we have together here. But since the project is very international and we all come from different corners of the world – Australia, Canada, Italy, Slovenia, the Ukraine, etc – we are worried that we won’t see each other again anytime soon. And yet, hope springs eternal. Some of us are staying in Europe at least, and ultimately the opera world is a small one. Who knows, maybe we will have the opportunity to share a stage again someday. It is wonderful when you can work with people you have grown fond of. That is why it is especially thrilling for me to be playing Blonde in Die Entführung aus dem Serail for Children together with Siobhán Stagg, an Australian soprano, as Konstanze – after all, Blonde and Konstanze are best friends, and Siobhán and I have become best friends in reality too. I could not wish for a better partner. I hope that we will have the opportunity again to perform together. It is amazing to meet people who have grown up at the other end of the world, and within six weeks you feel such a close connection that you cannot imagine your life anymore without that person. I hope we won’t have to! Siobhán is joining the Opera Studio at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin next season. That means we will have the opportunity to visit each other. And if there is one thing you learn in this job, it’s that true friendship is blind to distance.”

Theresa Dittmar