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Decoration and Design for the 2nd Salzburg Festival Ball

15 AUG 2013

published in: Festival Ball

Festival Ball 2013: Dinner Rehearsal (Photo: Salzburger Festspiele / Andreas Kolarik)
The motif of the rose, which recurs throughout the entire 2nd Salzburg Festival Ball, is based on watercolours by Pierre-Joseph Redouté and has served the decoration team as a source of inspiration this year. Thus, sculptor Helga Vockenhuber from Mondsee is providing her “mega rose sculptures” to be shown at the Residenz courtyard – these sculptures were exhibited very successfully during the past winter months in Pietrasanta (Italy). The rose, which also adorns the debutantes’ aprons and headdresses, will also be projected onto the rock face at the Felsenreitschule, inside the Karl-Böhm-Saal and in the Residenz courtyard. The Carabinieri Hall at the Residenz will be dominated by birch trees; the flowers – in keeping with the Ball theme, these will be mainly roses, flanked by hydrangeas and cosmos – will boast elegant, warm pastel colours. The rose-clad archways through which guests enter the Residenz and the Faistauer Foyer add a romantic touch. The company AOIRO Airdesign has created a special scent for this occasion, invisibly livening up the atmosphere and setting the right tone.

The colours of the ballroom inside the Felsenreitschule will be dominated by gold, red and grey, as well as the entire colour palette of roses – from a vibrant pink to salmon-coloured to dark red. The transparent balustrades will be illuminated in a golden light and be given an elegant velvet handrail. They grey tone of the rocks inside the Felsenreitschule will be repeated on the ballroom floor, to which a dark-red stripe will be affixed.