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From one Alpine People to Another

2 AUG 2013

by Raphael Clamer  17:00 h;
published in: Drama, General

Raphael Clamer (Photo: Sonja Koch)
“Sunday, July 28, 2013 (A Summer’s Day)

I am driving a car through the Salzburger Land, this exceptionally beautiful region. Without a plan, keeping eyes and mouth open, I meander through the Wiestal. At the reservoir I stop and jump into the refreshing, deep-turquoise water; then I continue towards Wolfgangsee, past Fuschlsee (which I really want to hike around one day). Again and again, I stop and have to look at the mountains. I am overcome with a great longing to climb every single one of them and to hike through the valleys. As soon as the rehearsals are over and we are only performing in the evenings, I will assault one hill or the other!

Then I spot a meadow so lush it is almost vulgar, stop again and lie in the grass – allergies be damned. All it would take would be a big pair of garden scissors, a salad bowl, a bit of lemon juice, olive or pumpkin seed oil, salt and pepper, and this meadow would become a delicacy. That would also go with fried chicken, Austrian meatballs, innards, Tafelspitz with its Frittaten soup, a schnitzel, roast beef – not to mention all the wonderful fishes from the surrounding lakes, the crayfish, dumplings, fresh tomatoes and chanterelle mushrooms. And, of course, a well-chilled glass of Grüner Veltliner. My God, I’m starting to rave, so I get back in the car and drive down to Salzburg, so as not to miss the rehearsal. I drive through the city, this hot, pulsating, culturally steaming central, seeing lots of “madmen”: Japanese running through the city with cameras, braving temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius; Russians, Americans, Arabs, Swiss, Spanish, clergymen, Germans, horse-drawn carriages picking their way through the throng, an armada of luxury limousines lined up in front of the Festspielhaus with their chauffeurs, polishing their rear-view mirrors like Sisyphus. Any moment, a VIP might appear from somewhere, needing to disappear to somewhere. I see young Latin American people with instrument cases hurrying by, laughing; I see street musicians, and always and everywhere, Wolfgang Amadeus! Exceptional circumstances! Wonderful!

In the summer, this city does have an enormous effect on its inhabitants and visitors. Perhaps a study might show that the average heartbeat is faster here by a few hundredths of seconds. Surrounded by the beauty of nature. Actually, a MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.

That’s it! Here come the Athenians, making ready for the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta; there are the young lovers, or non-lovers, and those driven crazy by love. There are the mechanicals, trying to do something really special for once. And there are the forest spirits and elves in the moonlight of a dreamland, and even they are experiencing exceptional circumstances; Oberon and Titania are having a terrible fight, which is why there are occasional thunderstorms and tempests.

I do see a connection there, in terms of energy. Of course it’s fascinating now to see where this energy will take us, during the last week before the premiere.

I have to go; rehearsal beckons. 40 degrees at the Residenz courtyard, red-hot spotlights, a thick pullover (costume), lots of legwork, madness, wonderful!

My name is Peter Quince or Raphael Clamer, in any case I am Swiss, I think, or Latin American, but who knows for sure who he is and what he’s doing in ‘Salt-Castle’.

And in this spirit...“

Raphael Clamer