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Festive Opening Ceremony of the 93rd Salzburg Festival

25 JUL 2013

published in: General

Felsenreitschule (Photo: Oskar Anrather)
After welcoming words by Festival President Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler, Richard Wagner’s Overture to Rienzi, der letzte der Tribunen will be performed. This will be followed by words of greetings to the guests at the Felsenreitschule by Landeshauptmann Dr. Wilfried Haslauer and the Federal Minister for Education, Arts and Culture, Dr. Claudia Schmied. Then Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer will declare the 93rd Salzburg Festival officially open. After another musical contribution, the Overture to La forza del destino (1862) by Giuseppe Verdi, this year’s keynote speaker, Maestro José Antonio Abreu, will deliver his speech in Spanish.
José Antonio Abreu was born in Valera, Venezuela, on May 7, 1939, and is a Venezuelan composer, economist, politician, educator, activist and founder of the Venezuela’s greatest musical project, the Sinfónica de la Juventud Venezolana Simón Bolívar. Maestro Abreu is also responsible for the national system of youth and children’s orchestras of Venezuela, El Sistema, to which the Salzburg Festival dedicates one of its focuses this year. It brings 1,300 children and teenagers from Venezuela to Salzburg, ready to enchant Salzburg audiences in no less than 14 concerts.
At the end of the opening ceremony, dances from Alberto Ginastera’s ballet Estancia Op. 8 (1941) and Leonard Bernstein’s Mambo, Symphonic Dance No. 4 from West Side Story (1957), will be performed, as well as the national and the European anthem. The entire musical programme will be performed by the Youth Orchestra of Caracas under the musical direction of Dietrich Paredes.
You can follow the festive opening ceremony of the 93rd Salzburg Festival via the live broadcast on ORF 2 and 3SAT. Furthermore, Radio Salzburg will report on the opening ceremony in a live stream, and you can also follow the opening ceremony live at www.orf.at