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Culinary Delights at the Salzburg Festival Ball

22 JUL 2013

published in: Festival Ball

Andreas Döllerer (Photo: AustriaPressefoto / Kolarik)
Gala Dinner at the Residenz
The rising star of the local gastronomic scene, Salzburg’s award-winning chef Andreas Döllerer, seemed to have no problem whatsoever assembling the infrastructure for the gala dinner for 530 persons at last year’s Ball at the Residenz, feeding the guests within a short period of time at the highest level and offering exquisite specialties from the Salzburg region. He presented this year’s Festival menu for the gala dinner at the 2nd Salzburg Festival Ball on August 31 at a rehearsal dinner with Artistic Director Alexander Pereira and Daniela de Souza as well as the Meistersinger artists Monika Bohinec, Michael Volle, Peter Sonn and Markus Werba. The dinner took place at his gourmet restaurant in Golling. His culinary line “Cuisine Alpine”, which has won multiple awards, emphasises regional and seasonal products. Thus, this year’s menu features trout from the neighbouring Bluntau Valley, organic beef with porcini mushrooms and a “galantine milk” with rose petals, inspired by a recipe dating back to 1679. These will all be accompanied by this year’s Festival wines, while smaller hors d’oeuvres will be paired with Champagne Louis Roederer. 

Salzburg Delicacies at the Festival Ball
The Stiegl Brewery Room at the Karl-Böhm-Saal presents a traditional Salzburg atmosphere, offering the Festival beer and other beer specialties “with the red staircase”, the brewery’s hallmark. Here, you will also find traditional delicacies.

At the Karl-Böhm-Saal, the long bar offers culinary highlights from the Hotel Goldener Hirsch for smaller appetites, along with the sparkling specialties of the Schlumberger brand at the Schlumberger Champagne Bar.

At the Disco / Festival Canteen, guests who need a break from dancing to international hits can enjoy exclusive creations at the Red Bull Cocktail Bar.

A deliciously cool temptation will draw guests and gourmets to the Foyer of the Haus für Mozart. An ice-cream stand will offer not only refreshing, summery and fruity ice-cream creations made from selected regional products, but also the Festival sorbet created exclusively for the 2013 Ball – an aromatic mixture including champagne and rose petals. 

Foto:Austria Pressefoto / Kolarik Foto: Austria Pressefoto / Kolarik Foto: AustriaPressefoto / Kolarik Foto: Austria Pressefoto / Kolarik Foto: Austria Pressefoto / Kolarik

Photos: AustriaPressefoto / Kolarik